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Dimensional Illustrators, Inc.

Kathleen and Nick Greco

Kathleen Greco and Nick Greco are principle partners of Dimensional Illustrators, Inc., a book packaging design firm. Since 1989, they have produced more than twenty craft and graphic arts books. They currently specialize in knit, crochet and, craft design books. Kathleen's contemporary stylish designs are sold in boutiques and her sculptural creations have been exhibited in museums in the USA and UK. Nick and Kathleen live and work in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Jelly Yarn®

Kathleen Greco is credited with the innovative creation of mod Jelly Yarn® for knitting, and crochet. A cool pop art yarn with a glossy finish like patent leather, Jelly Yarn® is marketed under the Yummy Yarns® brand. The yarns are not cord or flat lanyard but round pliable vinyl that is specially formulated for knitting and crochet.

Available in Fine and Bulky weights, there are 13 colorways and 4 categories: Translucent: Blue Taffy, Raspberry Sorbet, Lemon-Lime Ice, Hot Pink Candy, Ice; Opaque: Black Licorice, Pink Parfait, Blue Smoothie, Grape Smoothie, Wild Cherry Red; Metallic: Honey Gold, Silver Icing; and Glow-in-the-Dark: Vanilla Peppermint Glow, Pink Peppermint Glow and, Green Peppermint Glow. The yarn is ideal for fashion accessories, and patterns are available for purses, handbags, beach and market bags, belts, bracelets, flip-flops and even sculptural creations. The resulting fabric is a glossy techno texture with a retro style.

Jelly Yarn
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